Tonya Dalhaus Official Bio

Tonya Dalhaus is an experienced speaker, networker, and relationship communications expert. Originally from New England, she moved to Colorado to pursue a Masters in Professional Communication and Alternative Dispute Resolution at the University of Denver. Her work as a sales manager, stand-up comedian, social service manager, ballroom dance instructor, and even court security guard has made her an expert on human nature and relationships.

Tonya is versed in both verbal and non-verbal communication. She holds a Micro Expression Practitioner’s Certification through the Center for Body Language in Belgium, and she has presented on the topic at the Colorado Bar Associations Statewide ADR conference, the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, and the Rocky Mountain LERA Annual Conference. She applies her mastery of reading body language in determining people’s love interests and motivation in relationships. Her skill set has helped her coach people to communicate more effectively with family members, as well as mediating when a third party has deemed necessary.

When not being commissioned to catch friend’s teenagers in a lie, Tonya oversees operations of Linking Perspectives LLC the parent company of The Dating Agent. She also enjoys teaching people the art of improvisational acting through Improv for Change, Louisville, CO and Monkey Butler Improv, Boulder, CO.

Tonya has dedicated herself to helping people to get along, and more importantly to find that special one to love.