Guys: How to Botch a Date-1

Dating Dont'sSo you finally signed up for that on-line site and with a quick stroke of luck, you found your soul mate – the one – this amazing woman who could end up being the love of your life. The big night comes when you finally meet and it’s going incredibly well. You sit down and get into a deep conversation about all the things you have in common: the books you enjoy, places you’ve been, favorite movies, favorite actors, favorite actresses like that Salma Hayek who you worship and feel is the most attractive woman in the world…….wait, WHAT?!!   Let’s back up a second. Did you just tell your date, the beautiful size 12, blond haired, blue-eyed soul mate sitting across from you that the person you are most attracted to is a dark skinned brunette with a Latino accent?   From your perspective, you’re probably thinking it’s no big deal, the woman obviously knows you’re not going to be dating Salma Hayek anytime soon. But what you don’t know, is the person who six seconds ago was thinking she was the potential love of your life, just died inside. Her heart is now breaking because it has just been brought to her attention that she is the exact opposite of all that you revere. She now realizes that she will never have your heart because she has fallen short of your perceived ideal. Her only course of action is to find a quick exit out of the back of the restaurant to try to avoid as many people as possible while feeling like an ugly duckling. Guys, if you find yourself attracted to some airbrushed celebrity, that’s fine, we’re only human and who wouldn’t want to have the face and figure of a Salma Hayek. Here’s the deal, keep that to yourself or talk about it at men’s poker night. There’s no need to share it with someone who you might actually have a chance with and lets be frank, you don’t exactly look like Brad Pitt either. Keep your fantasies to yourself, and at the end of the day it’s you whose arms we’ll want to be wrapped up in and not the guy whose picture we hung in our locker.