Women: How to Botch a Date-1


Women: You found him, but can you keep him?

Young sexy traner with the wild tiger

If you’ve ever watched national geographic, then you’ve seen the lions and tigers, oh my, creeping through he grass to catch its prey. If you’re looking to catch yourself a tiger then RUN. It may seem counter intuitive but trust me, men like the chase. When it comes to dating they are primal creatures and you, my dear, are their prey. If you want to catch a man then let him catch you.

I know this may feel counter intuitive, but if you don’t believe me then go grab yourself a copy of Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov. The book was given to me by my good friend Ernestine and I have since passed it on to countless other women. This book can be inspirational for those of you that give to much and get nothing in return. Not only is it a fun read, but it’s philosophy works. The many women I’ve handed it to agree; it’s a relationship changer.

Don’t be put off by the title. Its not really about being a bitch, its about keeping your independence and authenticity in a relationship. Many new daters tend to drop

everything to make themselves available. We cancel dates with friends, miss family engagements, and sit for aimless hours by the phone for that call that never comes. why men love bitches

Why doesn’t that phone call come? I’ll tell you, because like a predator, that person your hopelessly making time for can smell desperation like a tiger smells blood on a rock. There’s nothing more unsexy then desperate.

So here’s my advice: buy the book, make plans with friends, and the next time he calls last minute, asking you to drop everything, make sure you tell him “I’m busy, I’m reading.”